Wednesday, 15 August 2007

And then there's a woman

Well, there's always a woman isn't there? They are great but they do tend to come along when you least expect it, how can you build up a relationship and then up and move to asia? Women tend not to understand these things, even if you have said it early in the build up to the relationship. I am sure that they think that what he really needs is a good woman and then he won't need to move any more, if it works out he won't want to move any more. It can only lead to greif in the long run. Can I expect an ordinary european woman to want to move to Cambodia with me, hardly likely if she hasn't got the urge to escape in the first place right?
She is really a nice woman too, she says that she wants to live a life less ordinary to quote the film title but I don't really know if she is for real or just thinks so right now. Another thing is do I want a european girlfreind to move with me? I don't have an asian fetish at all but do you move countries with a relatively new partner? All these things have to be thought about but a move to asia it will be anyway. And then there's the woman.......

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