Sunday, 20 July 2008

More solid ground.

since moving back to London it finally feels like my feet have found some solid ground to run on instead of kicking air as I have been doing recently. I am under no illusion of staying here forever, asia is still my aim but I will be here for a couple of years at least. Looking back now it is alarming how close I was to a complete collapse, my entire world was at the point of falling apart.

Here I am still avoiding certain things I know but I can walk with my head held high, I belong here right now. I think it is more like I need to be here to collect myself and find my feet again, I have been horribly depressed and as normal when in a depression you can not see where you are when you are in it, you need to get outside and look at your life with a different perspective.

Things are good now. Everything I own can be packed into three large bags and everything I care about can be packed into one. I am not free yet but I can get a whiff of freedom on the wind.

We create own own life experiences, this is not a rehearsal.

More importantly we create our own limitations, people will tell you that you can not do that for whatever reason but you will tell yourself the same thing more often.

Only caged birds have a longing, the free ones are already aloft.