Sunday, 9 December 2007

Things Change

It's been a while since my last post, and things have really changed since then, I am no longer where I was, I am in London now. I've been here about three weeks and am going to move here properly after christmas withy my girlfreind. It's good to get back my roots a little, I am still going to move to Cambodia but it may be postponed a couple of years, we'll see. I feel like I'm getting back to where I came from, getting back to the source and finding myself again. I am finding the man I was before all the shit that happened in the last year. I am centering.
Right now I amliving in the wierdest place, a hostel in kensington which is very bizarre, it is full of the oddest people who really have issues some of them, a collection of the drop out society who have not ended up on the street yet but some of them undoubtably will, this is like a kind of half way house but half way from what and to what? The people here are living in London and yet not living here at the same time, they could be anywhere, those that work go to work and come home and stay her adoing the same things and talking to the same people and never really knowing anyone or seeing anything it is a bizarre existance. Living here are illegals, benefit theives and drug dealers and there are always drug parties in the kitchen at the weekend and the kitchen is a total mess, what are they doing here? I don't understand what is going on.
I am working, out in schools teaching and trying to make ends meet both here and in sweden where I still pay my rent. I miss my girl and my son something dreadful at times but it is for the best, things which are hard now will make life easier when my girl comes over here to me. This is a wonderful city but there is so much tragedy too, I will talk about some of the people here over the next few days. I will start with a girl whom I will simply call A, she has real issues, she beleives that her mother has been kidnapped in 1998 and replaced by a mossad agent, her life has been fucked up by two teachers at an art college here in london who she also thinks are connected to mossad. She is also being persecuted by the home office and a home office official is blackmailing her about some sex pictures she took, I have seen the pictures and actually seen messages from a guy called rick who actually is sending her really sick text messages. The girl really has issues to deal with, if it is true she is in trouble and if not she has real mental health issues. I am going to post more about A, she really needs help from someone or she will be one of those who end up on the streets. Back soon.