Friday, 15 January 2010

Arbet Mach Frie

Freedom is something we all take for granted, especially when we live in the so-called democratic west. How free are we exactly?

In order to work, at least with anything which pays well and which has any form of social status, you need a bank account. It should not be taken for granted that anyone can get a bank account either, you need two proofs of address, the same two you need to take a shit in England today. Your passport and two proofs of address, utility bills and maybe a bank statement, you need a bank statement to get a bank account,you see the problem?

If you are going to work with children or vulnerable adults you need an enhanced CRB check, all fine and dandy, but you need one for almost every different job you apply for, 33 pounds and a four week wait before you can earn any money brother but hey, you still don't have a bank account anyway right?

Where are you living anyway? Can you get somewhere to live when you have no job and no bank account? A months rent and a months deposit, a two bed flat in London, 1500 quid please mate and references. When you are living with others how do you get a utility bill? for the bank account you know, the one you need to be able to work, to get the job you need to get a flat, the one you need to get the utility bill you need to get a bank account, the one you need to be able to work, ad infinitum.....


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