Friday, 12 October 2007

What a strange day.

I was two hours away yesterday in a major city on a photo job. It was a fashion type of shoot with a fetish bias, kind of unusual and quite cool, so far so good. After the shoot I headed back to the centre to get the bus home and of course missed it, strangly enough no other buses went until six o'clock the next morning. A small pain in the ass but liveable, I headed to another area of town where I was planning to do an article about the pub life and went to a few restaurants, drank a few beers and made some notes. The photographs were the easy part here, it was quite enjoyable, I would simply drink until two o'clock or so, go to the bus stop and only have to wait a few hours. Everyone has to make sacrifices for their art right.

I however fell asleep at the busstop and the driver did not wake me when he came so I missed the bus and had to get another at nine o'clock. Argggh! Anyway back home now and I have slept. I need to get out of here, am going to meet my girlfreind tonight, It's all about surviving for a while isn't it. Just surviving.


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Anonymous said...

Let's see some of those photos. I am a fan of good photography.