Friday, 12 October 2007

The Grey Room

Sometimes, even in the darkest of times, a ray of light comes along. Half a year ago I met a girl whom I liked, I knew that I was not happy and would not be staying here so I kept myself careful, I kept a distance. I mean, no girl here in the western world is going to want to move with me out to Cambodia right?


She is going to come with me, she apparently has never felt like she fitted in here and she seems just as keen to get the hell out as I am, amazing but cool, how often does that happen? When it does you just have to take the chance, get the hell out and take her with you, this is my plan.

I get down at times. I have to wait so long until I can leave, until I can find somewhere I would rather be. I have been in this situation before, I have needed to get away from a place and have moved to somewhere new but I have never had to wait like this, it is torture. I feel trapped. The only way I can escape is inside for now.

I have a room inside my head
which has no doors.

The walls are painted grey
no windows break their even curve.

Within this room
I hear no good or bad.

My senses are reduced
to flat
and grey
and silent.

Nothing can touch me
I am safe here.


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