Wednesday, 19 September 2007

dum spiro spero (while I breathe, I hope)

I mentioned a woman in one of my earlier entries and really need to expand upon it. I have gone and fallen in love and this is wonderful for my self-destructive tendencies, she gives me a reason to stop doing it, she allows me to trust women again and it feels great. Another thing which is cool is that when I told her I was going to move to Cambodia (this would scare off many a woman) she wants to come with me, my dream, my aim becomes ours, it couldn't be better.
Two and a half years ago another woman made sure that I would never trust again, my new princess has reversed the process. I am going to move out with her and we are going to live in a chataeu, we will write poetry and live a god shot life, maybe even have a small gallery to exhibit photographs and paintings, life can be really good, I am sure of this I've just been in the wrong place with the wrong people. It's time to do something about this, ten months is too long, I can't wait that long. My shangri-la is waiting and small time bullshit is keeping me away from it, although my princess can't move for at least 9 months, maybe I can move it forward to nine months

you are the reason

you are the rythm and the rhyme

you are dawning of days

you are so sublime

you are the light refracting

you are the stopping of time

on a friday night

you are the whisps of white

in a scorching summer sky

you are why

you are when

you are how

you are my history

my future

my now

you are the light refracting

through a freshly cut jewel

you are miles davis’ trumpet

the birth of cool

you are my space

my air

my element

my time

you are my words

my reason and rhyme.

I have a long way to go before I can consider myself in good shape again but I have a plan: I know where I want to be and I know who I want to be there with, now I just have to survive the next nine to ten months.

"dum spiro spero" while I breathe, I hope


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