Saturday, 8 September 2012

India beckons!

I am on my way, not quite to Cambodia yet, although that may be just next year, I am now on my way to India, the visas are here, the tickets are booked, we have all the money we will need, we take off from Manchester to Kerala in one month, we will be there six weeks! I am a british citizen but my partner is Swedish, the internet Led us to beleive that the visa process would be long, drawn out and a pain in the ass. Not so! We went to Birmingham to hand in the forms in person, I had my visa in three working days and my partner, who had to fill in a non resident form had hers in five. Im sorry but I think that is great service, hats off to VFS for sorting it so well, if this is indian paper pushing well, bring it on, this was easy. The subcontinent will mo doubt be a challenge but one that I relish, I will be updating here and also pictures on and pictures, films and reports on Check it all out, I'm going to make it very entertaining. L.

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